"Congratulations to Mara Rice of Fox
Chapel, PA on her purchase of the 4
y.o KWPN gelding
"Alliance"(Contango x
The sire, "Harmony's Rousseau" ( Ferro / Roemer /
Homerus) is a prominent International breeding
Dutch Warmblood stallion. He is 17.1 hands and
stands at "Hassler Dressage" in Maryland.  Judy's
"U Call The Wind Mariah" (Burggraaf /
Eastern Ruler / Hot Wheels / Landgraf I / Voltaire /
RamiroZ / Falko) is a registered Canadian WB with
awesome bloodlines. She stands 16.1 hands.  This
baby could be phenomenal  and may be for sale to a
show home.  More pictures to come!
Sire: Rousseau
Dam: Mariah
Evening Shade Farm
Before easing into retirement, Goliath and
working student, Ashlee Kaiser had a bang
up show season! They were both in their
glory! He just loves her!
"Elegance by Rousseau" aka Tess
D.O.B. 4/28/09 Chestnut Filly
Dutch Warmblood
Owner:  JudyAnn Cook
Marlene K - Rock Creek, OH  winning
third level A/A championship Region 2
 Article for WPDA newsletter:   "Pay It Forward"    by Kathleen Cronk

When can a stall change your life? When that stall is free and when it’s in Wellington, FL, that’s when! This is a brief account of how my horse, Ghambade’,
A.K.A. Herf) and I were able to take part in a six week training trip in South Florida.

The ad as it appeared on (as well as other sites) was forwarded to me by a friend. It read, ” If you know of a deserving amateur or
professional who dreams to come to the Winter Equestrian Festival in S. Florida but has had to put these dreams on hold due to cost , Stacey MacLeod would
like to extend an offer of a free stall for the winter season at her home and facility.”

I was sure I had no chance of getting this stall, but decided if I was truly serious, I’d best call rather than email. I left a message and went on with my day, not
really ever expecting a return call. Within ten minutes, Stacey returned my call. She explained that amongst the various posts she had made, she had over 4,300
responses! She was just beginning to sift through them and I was her first call! We had chatted comfortably for almost an hour when she said that Herf and I
would be welcome at her farm. I set the phone down thinking, “Oh, my God, I’ve just won the lottery!”

We left Erie at three AM on January 5th, slipping out between Lake effect snow squalls. Twenty-two hours and one layover in SC later, we rolled into the
Macleod’s farm looking just a little rough around the edges. Although I had emailed and spoken to Stacey numerous times about her farm, I was happy and
relieved to find a nice, practical, horse- friendly farm. There was ample, safe turnout, large airy stalls and good footing in the arena. The MacLeod’s graciously
allowed me use of their R.V. and welcomed me to share meals with them. I felt like a foreign exchange student!

Since I clinic regularly in the north with Bent Jensen (in Gibsonia) and Carol Lavell (Binghamton, NY) they were my logical choices for more intensive work.
Lessons began about six days after arriving (once the weather breaking cold had passed).Bent has a wonderful quietness about him and the patience of Job.
He’s a great choice for my hot, internal horse. As riders, we all know that throughness is our life. Bent was excellent at helping me efficiently put Herf more
and more through and uphill into self carriage and keep him there. Carol is always entertaining and full of unique exercises that bring out the best in
each horse.  It was interesting to get both a man’s and a woman’s perspective on self carriage and collection. Both systems work and don’t seem to conflict.
I’m having fun refining the exercises and blending the techniques.

I also had the opportunity for long-lining lessons with Stacey’s neighbor, Kari Garber of Finesse Farm. Kari and Bo Jena, have developed the Garber-Jena long
lining system, which is not only equipment, but an on going training program for young horses through Grand Prix. We had great discussions about
bio-mechanics and the use of long lining to rehab horses and re-train muscle patterns. As I write this, I am still in awe of how great it was to be surrounded by
so much knowledge and so many great horsemen.

And one thing is for sure, in Wellington there is always something horsey to do! In my brief stay I watched 3 CDIs, the Kyra Kyrklund symposium,
the Dressage Masters Comp. and even showed Herf (with good scores)!

You may be asking, as I did initially, “What’s the catch?” There was none. This was a kind, pay it forward gesture made by someone who looked at an empty
stall in her barn and thought someone could benefit from it. I helped at every opportunity, but never did it feel expected.

This random act of kindness has certainly made me stop and think about the journey we are all on and how we should be willing to help one another.

I cannot thank the MacLeod family enough for this opportunity. Their generosity made this trip do-able for someone who never could have done it
otherwise. My horses and clients will benefit from my time there. I am grateful beyond words.
Trainer/Rider:  Kathleen Cronk
Owner:  Patty Young
Congratulations to Patty Young of Erie and her
lovely homebred 5 y.o. Hanoverian mare,
Radiant!!  This talented mare had an excellent
first show season competing at Training and First
levels, with scores as high as 77.1.  Radiant also
qualified and competed at Region 2 Finals and
was Horse of the Year at BOTH Training and
First levels for the Western Pennsylvania
Dressage Assoc.   
For more information:
Kathleen L. Cronk
2673 28th Creek Rd.
Gerry, NY. 14740
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